About Us

Welcome to Jeding Bali Cooking Class. Come and Learn The Secret of Balinese Food

Balinese-Cooking-Classes-About-UsBalinese cooking class is creative process and simple a lot of fun.

You will learn the technique and become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices and many other ingredients which make Balinese food delightfully taste as well as nutritious.

You will be guided and demonstrated by our experienced chef in the Balinese compound house with beautiful setting overlooking a deep ravine with green vegetation surrounded.

You will meet the family who will make you feel very welcome.

Jeding Bali cooking class teach how to cook Balinese food which is very easy and No need experience.

Our friendly chef will look for many hand to teach carefully and let you cook every single food such as chopping, grinding, frying, grill the satay with coconut shell and many others.

It will be great activity during your holiday in Bali.

Jeding Bali Proudly Owned and Operated by Balinese

Jeding Bali founded by I Wayan Marsa, native Balinese. Jeding Bali cooking class  proudly owned and operated by Balinese.

We supported and proudly become one of local small business in Bali and also contributed to growing local economic.

Feel free to contact us or direct call to Wayan number mobile phone at 081339715569 for book your cooking class schedule or just if you have any questions.

Wayan will be happy to assist you as your guide during your great day in Bali.

We are located in the small cute village called Laplapan village, nearby Ubud.

Please see our detail cooking class program